Episode 70: David Goswick & Michael Breen

David Goswick of HOUZE & Michael Breen of Xtreme Power

Paul Dickerson visits with David Goswick, founder and CEO of HOUZE, the company building energy efficient homes completely powered by natural gas. Through the company’s innovative generator system that includes selling excess electricity back to the grid, the new HOUZE homeowner has zero energy costs for the first 10 years of ownership.

Then, Robyn Knocke sits down with Michael Breen, co-founder of Xtreme Power, the Austin based energy storage company that first upgraded their business when they installed a large scale storage system on the South Pole. Robyn and Michael talk about storage, clean energy, and the changing landscape brought on by the abundance of inexpensive, clean natural gas.

Guests in this episode:

David Goswick



Michael Breen

Xtreme Power