Episode 59: Franklin Chang Diaz/Greg Foley/
Colin McHattie

Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz of Ad Astra Rocket Company & Greg Foley of Stonebridge w/ Colin McHattie

Russ Capper visits with Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz, former astronaut and inventor and now Founder and CEO of Ad Astra Rocket Company, a private science based company aimed at the commercialization of space flight. Russ and Franklin discuss the young company’s diversification into clean energy.

Then Russ sits down with Greg Foley of Stonebridge and Colin McHattie an energy consultant, both members of The Australian American Chamber of Commerce, and they talk about the upcoming Australian American Energy Conference.

Guests in this episode:

Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz

Ad Astra Rocket Company


Greg Foley / Colin McHattie