Episode 60: The EnergyMaker Presents
The 2012 Favorites

Sarah Groen, Surge Accelerator / Bill White, Lazard Houston / Adam Rein, Altaeros Energies

The EnergyMakers present selected favorites from our first year. First up, highlights from Paul Dickerson’s interview with Sarah Groen, Co-Founder of Surge Accelerator. Then we move to highpoints in Russ Capper’s interview with former Mayor of Houston, and former Deputy Secretary of Energy with the Department of Energy, Bill White. And then lastly, we share key excerpts from Paul Dickerson’s session with Adam Rein, the Co-Founder of Altaeros Energies, the company focused on commercializing balloon-mounted wind turbines.

Guests in this episode:

Sarah Groen

Surge Accelerator


Bill White

Lazard Houston


Adam Rein

Altaeros Energies